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Speech recording, analysis and quality management


… voice, screens,
multimedia channels …

We provide technology-independent solutions for recording, quality management and speech analysis for contact centres of all sizes. Our customers include major mobile operators, banks, successful commercial call centers and utility.

The strengths of ReDat system are reliable recording solution for telephone and radio communication service in dispatch centres together with the integration of dispatching information systems. Our system can be found at police, rescue forces, in transport and energy.

The ATM / ATC segment requires not only the top quality, but also the maximum stability and safety of the recording system. ReDat offers a wide portfolio of ATM / ATC solutions to which you can fully rely on.

"We always try to implement the latest scientific findings into practice as quickly as possible and determine the direction of our production especially for quality management of contact and dispatch centers. The key elements of our development are emotion analysis, word spotting, dialog flow, topic detection, speech to text and the implementation of artificial intelligence in the form of self-learning systems. "
                                                                 Jiří Kristek, member of the board, RETIA, a.s.


We participate in several sports events

As in the previous years, this time we have also supported some of the sports events. Among the latest we would like to mention the Pardubice Wine Half Marathon and the Perstejn Run for 10 Kilometres, that were held on 16 April in Pardubice and the 9 - Kilometres of Pardubice run held on 27 April in the city centre.

New Module Business Analytics

We have recently noticed your higher interest in voice analysis without the necessity of the extensive system instalation.

We have responded to your requirements and activated the new module for you – the Business Analytics. It presents the economically simple solution of the Voice Analysis of your calls.

Our Attendance at the Conference in Warsaw

We attended the conference FORUM BANKÓW SPÓŁDZIELCZYCH, that was held in April 14 in Warsaw. The whole conference was focused on banking and we contributed with our topic the Control of the Quality Interaction with the Client Using the ReDat System, that was presented by our country manager.

New Version of ReDat® eXperience

We have provided the new version, 2.30., of ReDat® eXperience. Among many new functions you can expect the higher records protection against thefts, the function for recording and replay of the CCTV records or the recording units display on the map base. 


Premier Czech radar producer RETIA a.s., a company established in 1993 by former engineers of Pardubice-based TESLA, decided to merge with CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP. The Group is acquiring 100 % of company's shares. Management and leadership of RETIA a.s. remain unchanged based on mutual agreement. The acquisition contract was signed this week. The price remains undisclosed.

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