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Speech recording, analysis and quality management


… voice, screens,
multimedia channels …

We provide technology-independent solutions for recording, quality management and speech analysis for contact centres of all sizes. Our customers include major mobile operators, banks, successful commercial call centers and utility.

The strengths of ReDat system are reliable recording solution for telephone and radio communication service in dispatch centres together with the integration of dispatching information systems. Our system can be found at police, rescue forces, in transport and energy.

The ATM / ATC segment requires not only the top quality, but also the maximum stability and safety of the recording system. ReDat offers a wide portfolio of ATM / ATC solutions to which you can fully rely on.

"We always try to implement the latest scientific findings into practice as quickly as possible and determine the direction of our production especially for quality management of contact and dispatch centers. The key elements of our development are emotion analysis, word spotting, dialog flow, topic detection, speech to text and the implementation of artificial intelligence in the form of self-learning systems. "
                                                                 Jiří Kristek, member of the board, RETIA, a.s.


Our Participation in the Call Centres Conference 2015

On the 5 November 2015 we participated in the 15 years of the Call Centres conference in Prague, where 16 speakers presented their lectures on the call centres issues. 

Project of the Police of the Czech Republic Completion

After two years of hardworking effords we have successfully finished the project for the Police of the Czech Republic, that enables to record the police emergency calls (158) in the whole country. The last integrated operational centre was implemented in Pankrac in Prague. 

Eurocontrol Vote & Eurocae WG-67

Last week, 20–22 October, it was held the 12th Eurocontrol Vote meeting 2015 and the 33rd Eurocae WG-67 meeting.

Half Marathon of Hradec Kralove 2015

This year we have sponsored again the Olfin Car Half Marathon of Hradec Kralove 2015 that was held for the third time in Hradec Kralove, this time on Sunday, 11 October. 


RETIA, a.s., in order to improve the customer services, extends its HelpDesk service.

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